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	Carla Tome is a native of Los Angeles. She attended 
Pasadena Community College 1991-94 and then achieved a BFA from 
The San Francisco Art Institute in 1999.  The following years she
focused on perfecting her direction, style and proficiency.  Having sold her
works directly to private collectors she then moved on to have solo open studio showings;
act as curator of group shows as well as being a featured artist.

	Her works reflect her influences of Gustav Klimt, Donald Sultan, ceramics,
photography and traditional Japanese aesthetics. Carla Tome creates truly
abstract colorful pieces that are very pleasing to even the untrained eye
and often contain readily recognizable images. When she paints she is constantly
challenging her own aesthetic and concepts of composition, thusly engaging the
viewer in the same challenge.  By using layer upon layer of translucent colors
she conveys depth, illumination and motion.  Often times she will incorporate
collage techniques to add more texture and deeper layers to the pieces.

	She is currently concentrating on creating more paintings that are individually
part of whole installations. Future projects will be from her ceramic and
sculpture studio that will produce three-dimensional pieces and functional design works.